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Playing 'Name That Ingredient' at a Bachelor Party on Kath & Kim [video]

On last night's Kath & Kim, Phil Knight's bachelor party was a tame affair: It starts out with a game of "Name that Ingredient." We loved the line,"Tarragon, you mysterious bitch." But they're just getting warmed up, because "when we get into the Beaujolais Nouveau, it is all bets are off, and that's all night [...]

Eating Pie from a Salad Bowl in the Dark, from Kath & Kim [video]

In a recent episode of Kath & Kim, Kath (Molly Shannon) was stressed about wedding plans, so Phil (John Michael Higgins) gave her his appointments with his life coach and spiritual advisor, Athena Scooberman (Maya Rudolph). Phil depended on his life coach to guide him out of obesity, but without her, he "fell off the [...]

I Will Not Pleasure Myself With Food, from Kath & Kim [video]

In last week's Kath & Kim, Phil (John Michael Higgins), who had previously been massively obese, has a hard time resisting temptation in the mall and succumbs to cheese.

The Kath and Phil: The Sandwich That Tastes Like the Love We Make [video]

From the very funny Kath & Kim comes the latest in sandwich technology: "The Sandwich That Tastes Like the Love We Make": A warm tuna and sausage ciabatta, with curly fries.

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