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The Best Cookbooks of the Decade [goodbye aughties]

While 2009 was full of spectacular cookbooks, the rest of the decade hasn't been too shabby either. With How to Cook Everything (published in 1998) and French Laundry (1999) completely changing the game for home and restaurant cookbooks alike, the next few years were already set up for greatness. Through the hundreds and hundreds of [...]

Julia Moskin on Kenny Shopsin

Clearly Julia Moskin has never eaten at Shopsin's before:
Reading about Shopsin’s is actually more fun than eating at Shopsin’s; the book provides access to the food without the yelling and the edge of fear.

$1000/month Toner Habit

Kenny Shopsin, in a piece in The New York Times: "I spent almost $3,000 on toner in the last three months."

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