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The Quadruple Down Sandwich

We were reminded that we never actually posted about Insanewiches, the website that blurs the lines between art, cultural commentary, and general gross-out food creations.
Case in point: If KFC is going to make a Double Down Sandwich, why the fuck not make The Quadruple Down Sandwich?
Someone just give them a book deal please.

The KFC Double Down Sandwich Uses Chicken Patties Instead of Buns

Photos via
The Double Down Sandwich is apparently an actual product at KFC: pepper jack cheese, Swiss cheese, and bacon smothered in the Colonel’s Sauce, using two Original Recipe Filets instead of buns. Foodgeekery has photo proof of it.
It's almost too crazy to be real — it's either an elaborate prank or corporate imagination run [...]

El Pollo Loco Calls Out KFC for Beef Powder in Their 'Grilled' Chicken [video]

We're totally loving El Pollo Loco's commercial that takes KFC to task for its sins against fast food: one, for claiming that their chicken is "grilled" when it's cooked on a grill rack in an oven, and two, for using beef powder and rendered beef fat in their marinade:
We checked out their website and found [...]

Google Street View Protects Colonel Sanders' Privacy in the UK

Sometimes facial-recognition software works too well: The Register tipped us off to this great find: Google Street View protecting Colonel Sanders' privacy in the UK.

Kernel Sanders Slam Dunk [Food Art]

Kernel Sanders gets some air.

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