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Tutti 4-in-1 Measuring Spoon

Photograph via Yanko Design
The simplicity of this design for the Tutti measuring spoon/s, which has 4 different sizes on one individual spoon, is so stupidly obvious that I'm flummoxed as to why I've never seen it before. I say this as someone who considers the ring of measuring spoons one of the most irritating utensils [...]

Mr T Presents the Mr T FlavorWave Oven [video]

We're not sure if he's trying to cash in on the George Foreman thing, or if he really believes in the cooking powers of halogen energry, but Mr. T has his own semi-healthy cooking device on the market: the Mr. T Flavor-Wave Oven, yours for just three easy payments of $39.95:
Mr T Flavorwave Oven® is [...]

Shibari Teapot Makes Us Think

"The Slave Betty," a teapot wrapped in traditional Japanese shibari (sexual rope bondage) intrigues me. According to NotCot, the shibari renders the object "suspended for its master and made available for all to enjoy."

When you consider it from a sexual perspective, the ideas of ownership and public enjoyment run a little creepy niche, but it [...]

Sur La Table's Onion Goggles Are Ridiculous [gift fail]

This is just stupid. Sur La Table sent out an email yesterday where they imply that onion goggles, a $22 piece of padded plastic that hooks over your ears, are a legitimate Christmas present.
Onion goggles are not a legitimate object, let alone Christmas present. The only acceptable reason to wear protective eyewear in the [...]

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