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Kitchen of the Future, 2010 [videos]

Still via Yanko Design
This Kitchen of the Future that designer Michaël Harboun envisions is definitely way cooler than that spinning refrigerator imagined by designers in the 1950s. Harboun has created a design for a kitchen with elastic walls that can turn into whatever you need in order to cook a dish, from a faucet to [...]

The EMD Guide to Food from the 1950s: Introduction & Kitchens of the Future

Illustration via x-ray delta one
Food is usually categorized geographically, or culturally; cuisines are associated with nations or peoples. Here at Eat Me Daily we are dedicated to bringing you new and interesting ways of looking at what you eat, and thus we present our chronological guide to American gastronomy. Over the next several months, we'll [...]

William Safire and the Kitchen Debates: The Model Kitchen at the American National Exhibit in Moscow, 1959

Kitchen debates. Photograph by William Safire. Via
William Safire, columnist for The New York Times, died yesterday at the age of 79. Safire was famous for much: his conservative voice on the otherwise heavily liberal op-ed page, his On Language series on grammar and vocabulary, and his involvement (Safire would say orchestration, as per an [...]

Integrated Countertop Staircase

Apartment Therapy ran some photos of a kitchen in Victoria, Australia that has a staircase incorporated into the countertop. Or is it a countertop incorporated into the staircase? Either way, it simultaneously gives us flashbacks to the exhilaration of climbing on the countertop as a child, and a creepy-crawly fear of getting shoe-dirt into our [...]

The Kitchen at the Real-Life Barbie Malibu Dream House

To celebrate Barbie's 50th birthday, in addition to making a life-size Barbie made out of chocolate cake, Mattel built a real-life Barbie Malibu Dream House. LAist has a slideshow:
The 3,500 square foot house in Malibu was designed by “Happy Chic” interior designer Jonathan Adler and features a chandelier made of Barbie hair, a closet filled [...]

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