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Anti-Stab Knives for the UK

Photograph from
What the UK lacks in gun crime, they sure do make up with knives! (Apparently 30% of murders in the UK are committed with pointy bits of metal.) So what's a knife-inclined industrial designer to do? Make some non-stabby knives, of course, which is exactly what John Cornock did. After watching a BBC [...]

Making the Common Kitchen Knife Less Useful as a Murder Weapon

Felix Light, aka Little Gordon Ramsay
One might think it would be reasonable to assume that a study on designing safer kitchen knives would have some professional application. Perhaps commissioned by an insurance corporation to study which shape of handle causes the fewest mishaps, or which style of serrated knife is least likely to go skipping [...]

Painted Butcher Knives from Artist Elizabeth McGrath [food art]

Nothing says "I love you" quite like one of these hand-painted mini butcher knives from L.A. artist Elizabeth McGrath. Though, to be fair, giving a painted meat cleaver to your sweetheart actually says quite a number of things all at once. But "I love you" is probably one of them.
The knife comes in a [...]

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