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For the Love of Pork Buns: 'BaO Eat You Up,' a Parody of BoA's 'Eat You Up' [video]

Here's a slickly-produced parody by Patty Yu of CutebutDeadly of the music video "Eat You Up" by the Korean pop singer BoA. The parody, titled "BaO Eat You Up," channels "Weird Al" Yankovic and takes the "eat" part literally — it's about the love of bao, or pork buns. You can't go wrong with [...]

'Happy Dance' Karaoke Song from Flight of the Conchords [video]

From the latest episode of Flight of the Conchords comes the "Happy Dance" song sung by Brett, Korean karaoke-style. We checked and can confirm that the lyrics are more or less correctly translated: "Sometimes love is as / sweet as kalibi (beef delicacy) / Sometimes the taste is likened / the milk of a [...]

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