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'Chagall in Postville': Agriprocessors Scandal in Comic Form

This summer's investigation of the worker welfare at Agriprocessors, Inc., was pretty horrific. The nation's largest kosher slaughterhouse employed illegal immigrant child labor and forced employees to work in "slavelike" conditions, including rampant physical abuse from slaughterhouse officials.
Stomach-churning, isn't it? We've got a strong stomach for this sort of thing, and even we found ourselves [...]

Kosher Energy Drinks (not Gatorade)

The New York Times' City Room blog on Zev Wineberg, a Hasidic rabbi, who offers Powerade to New York City Marathon runners:
“There is no kosher certification for Gatorade, and I felt that kosher runners should have something to drink besides water,” he said.
So the rabbi bought cases of Powerade, a sports drink that is kosher-certified, [...]

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