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Yobbos in Oz Move To Ban Vegemite

Ripping a page out of Mike Bloomberg's how-to-build-a-nanny-state playbook, a preventative health task force in Australia is reportedly taking aim at the nation's bonzer brekkie spread, the salty, savory, pungent brown paste known as Vegemite (comprised almost exclusively of yeast extract and salt, yum!)
Though Vegemite is owned by U.S.-based Kraft, it's considered one of Australian's [...]

Buyers from Kraft and Frito-Lay Admit to Accepting Bribes [scandal]

Buyers from Kraft foods and Frito-Lay are pleading guilty to taking bribes from a tomato processor, the AP reports. The two buyers, Robert Watson and James Wahl Jr., each took about $160,000 in exchange for letting California-based SK Foods charge their employers inflated prices.
Randall Rahal, president of Intramark USA, sniffed out who was corruptible [...]

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