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Lamb Neck: The Hottest Cut Of Meat This Week

In an uncanny synchronicity, both Gourmet's Adventures with Ruth and Avec Eric featured lamb neck as a star protein. The new hotness! In the premiere of Adventures with Ruth, Ruth Reichl and Frances McDormand visited Blackberry Farms, and they made barbecued lamb neck (quibble: the online recipe omits the grilling step, simply calling it "Ten-Hour [...]

44 Step Guide to Butchering a Lamb Carcass

The Guardian UK has a great story on the "Lamb Club," a bunch of guys trying their hands at amateur butchery, including a 44-step slideshow guide illustrating how to break down a lamb carcass. Tim Hayward:
A while back I noticed that a tidy carcass from my favourite butcher cost about half as much as the [...]

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