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Larry David Protests Tipping on Top of a Mandatory Gratuity

In the latest episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm, Larry David's out to lunch at the country club and decides that he isn't going to leave an additional tip on top of the mandatory gratuity: "It's an 18% tip included. And then they have a space for an additional tip. What I have to start [...]

Larry David Teaches Christian Slater the Unwritten Rules of Hors D'Oeuvres Consumption [video]

From last night's Curb Your Enthusiasm: At a party, Larry David spots Christian Slater, who, considering his career lately, is indulging a little too heavily in the caviar. As Slater goes over his "allotment," Larry David tells him: "We have unwritten laws in our society... You take a little bit, and then you step away [...]

Big Deals: The Family Table by Laurie David


Larry's ex-wife Laurie David — who made her name (or at least, attempted to) as an outspoken environmentalist and Huffpo contributor — seems to have come down with a case of the GOOPs: she's now turned her attention to fixing the problems of the American family. Pub Weekly reports that Grand Central publishing has [...]

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