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'Jerky George Jolicoeur' by Lauri Apple [food art]

Chicago artist Lauri Apple, who has graced this site with her bizarre food art before, has given us another odd drawing. This time her subject is George Jolicur, a 600-pound Florida man who was deemed too fat to be put in jail. Jolicur was arrested after a local shop keeper discovered he was stealing [...]

'Eliot Spitzer, Grilling Veggie Burgers' [food art]

"Eliot Spitzer, Grilling Veggie Burgers," Lauri Apple, 2009. Photo by permission.
Lauri Apple made a series of paintings that imagine a dejected Eliot Spitzer in various situations, including grilling veggie burgers, riding a lawnmower "in about 15-20 years" and as a six-month old baby.

Also of note are Apple's bizarre illustrations from back in February of White [...]

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