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Eric Ripert Hearts Processed Cheese

In the Newsweek piece about Eric Ripert's new television series Avec Eric, "Finally, a Highbrow Cooking Show," an important detail is revealed about Le Bernardin: the sous chefs use a kind of processed cheese to find a common reference point with their palates:
But he could talk forever about... how he gets the sauces at Le [...]

Le Bernardin's Table Chart

Photo credit: Daniel Krieger/
Eater has a great photoset of Le Bernardin's organizational table chart to keep track of the courses and pace of the dining room. Says Eric Ripert:
The reason we do that is that sometimes we have 20 tables at the same time and the chef doesn't hear everything. I have seen this in [...]

Nothing Fishy: Eric Ripert's On the Line [cookbook review]

While I was reading On the Line (buy at Amazon), the semi-new cookbook/scrapbook from Le Bernardin's Eric Ripert, I kept saying to whoever was sitting near me how uncannily similar it is is to another book I've reviewed for Eat me daily: Ferran Adria's A Day at El Bulli.
I should clarify. The review I [...]

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