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Linksplodge 4/8/10

Above, a miniature, polymer clay cake made by flickr user sk_ from URLesque's round-up of miniature food.
Design student Andrew Kim has proposed a new, square bottle for Coke products that is supposedly better for the environment. The shape reduces wasted space during shipping, and the bottle itself is collapsible and biodegradable. [via Inhabitat]
Epicurean Musician is [...]


Above, a design for a t-shirt for those who like their tea on the exotic side, from Etsy seller smilingsquid.
According to Eater, " The Huffington Post will launch a major food site on Monday complete with videos, interviews, and the like."
New Orleans chef John Besh has two new shows in the works, one on PBS [...]

Linksplodge 4/2/10

Above: a cake pan shaped like sandwich bread. Not quite sure how this is different from baking cake in a bread pan, but we are intrigued by cake PBJs. [via Incredible Things]
Edible crayons that actually write from Luxirare. Click through for a pretty neat photo essay. [via Urban Grocery]
A family in the UK owns a [...]

Linksplodge 4/1/10

This set of 7 felt macarons (pictured above) by Etsy seller LittleFluffStuff will set you back $30.
"Breakfast...WITH PHYSICS!" on Toothpaste for Dinner.
Attack of the generic peeps!
An Icelandic chef cooks a gourmet meal using lava as a heat source. That's some extreme cooking, right there. [via ColdMud]
Sick of words like "unctuous" and "artisinal"? Playing food review [...]

Linksplodge 3/30/10

What do you get when you mix meat with vanity? No, not The Situation (close, though). You get Grill Charms! "Shut Up, Foodie," our new favorite blog, brings us these little metal gems (pictured above) that you can stick into your steak for identification of doneness/useless decoration.
Apparently a Wendy's in Waltham, MA makes the best [...]

Linksplodge 3/26/10

Above: exactly what you think it is, if you think it is a Settlers of Catan pizza. [via @gaggingtowards]
Entire point of this website: a guy says bacon and beer can and they sound the same. Mesmerizing. [via The Cod]
Winnie the Pooh goes on a somewhat adult "gastronomic adventure." (Safe for work, just kind of gruesome.)

Linksplodge 3/22/10

Think Tofu's boring? The packaging above is designed to finally give tofu a chance to tell you what its all about.
Late Detroit hip-hop artist J Dilla is tickling your sweet tooth from beyond the grave with his new album “Donut Shop,” adorned with the eponymous sugary treats.
Don’t hurt yourself doing a double take, but according [...]

Linksplodge 3/16/10

Need an ironic gift for the vegetarian in your life? Sweet Meats sells pillows and plush toys shaped like meat, pictured above.
Ever made the mistake of pairing merlot with your Twinkies? Here's how to choose the right wine to go with your preservative-filled snack cakes.
If you've ever wondered what it would be like if bands [...]

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