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Linksplodge 11/30/09

Above, landmine ketchup packets by Publicis Mojo.
From a WSJ story on bagel cutters: "Chicken-related injuries (3,463) led the category, but recorded bagel injuries were otherwise exceeded only by potato, apple and onion injuries"

Wikipedia on Controversial doughnut-related items.
Will Self has been reviewing fast food locations for the New Statesman. This time it was KFC. It starts: [...]

AM Linksplodge [Post-Thanksgiving Indigestion Edition]

Food Network had a float on Thanksgiving (Tom the Turkey!) and put the "celebrity chefs" Claire Robinson, Sunny Anderson, and Anne Burrell on it. Aside: Robinson's "pilgrim" outfit = contextual but awkward.
Tim Hayward for the Guardian: "Perhaps the most baffling part of Thanksgiving for a Brit is the whole idea of having a festival [...]

Linksplodge 11/25/09

Above, the PM Food Pin Set from Always With Honor. $5 per set or $8 for both.
Nightline video segment on Rachael Ray's school lunch campaign.
Thanksgiving menu from the Plaza Hotel, 1899.
Bakery owner in California hires security to keep angry customers in line.
Economists are stumped by El Bulli. [via kottke]
There were typos in the White [...]

Linksplodge 11/24/09

Above, Vintage Japanese Sweets Mold - Pine Needles and Cones: "Often made of sakura (cherry wood) and seasoned for about 3 years before carving, kashigata were used to make dried confectionery made of rice flour and sugar called rakugan. Earliest records show that this practice dates back to the mid-17th century." $32.50 on Etsy. Seller [...]

Linksplodge 11/23/09

Photograph of a vintage tin. [via ffffound]
Salon's Food Section with Francis Lam launches.
Slideshow from Business Insider: How Your Thanksgiving Turkey Gets Made.
Insanewiches: The Inbetweener: a waffle grilled cheese sandwich topped with chocolate and strawberry syrup.
Cooking Issues investigates pressure-cooked stocks. Turns out different pressure cookers deliver different results (the ones at FCI were no good).
NYT Magazine [...]

Linksplodge 11/20/09

Above, one of Patrick Moberg's Internet Vices.
Grub Street NY: A restaurant owner in Brooklyn spoke out against sick leave before being busted for wage-dodging.
Photo of Guy Fieri signing his autograph on a pregnant woman's belly with the inscription "See, ya soon!" [via Eater]

Linksplodge 11/19/09

Above, from a post on Christoph Niemann's NYT Abstract City blog in which he refashions leaves to have new meaning. [via kottke]
Adam Richman of Man v. Food tells the Quad City Times that he's frustrated with overzealous fans that try to "topple him": "The show is ‘Man v. Food,' not ‘Man v. Man,' yet I [...]

Linksplodge 11/18/09

Above, branding for Macbar in New York City. [via Tattfoo Tan]
Eric Ripert was on Charlie Rose last night, and it was good. (also see the transcript).
Gawker TV: Giada De Laurentiis Turns Over-enunciation Into an Artform. (We've been meaning to do something like this for a while, sacrificing precious DVR space and holding onto episodes [...]

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