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Linksplodge 11/11/09

Above: A life-size replica of a Mies van der Rohe Barcelona couch, but as a chocolate cake. From Artinfo's NSFW slideshow of a food art event at Haunch of Venison in New York City, a cake tasting hosted by Kreemart and American Patrons of the Tate. Also see The Moment's writeup.
Video: Man v Food [...]

AM Linksplodge 11/11/09

IDEO Labs, using a band saw, sliced off a corner of an Apple laptop for the above photo. [via Not cot]
BBC: Robots to replace humans at a British biscuit factory.
LA Weekly interviews Thomas Keller who reveals plans for a five-way video feed between Per Se, the French Laundry, and all three Bouchons (Yountville, Las Vegas, [...]

Linksplodge 11/10/09

Above from the background of Pompamoose's MySpace page.
Buzzfeed: Cookie Monster on the origin of om nom nom.
Grub Street: suggestive pickle advertising courtesy of Guss’ Pickles.
Geekologie: Bacon Fingernails
Alice Waters on improving school lunches: "[S]he doesn't just mean making the chicken nuggets more nutritious. She wants to see a table set, maybe with flowers. She wants children [...]

Linksplodge 11/09/09

Above, the Yelp Elite Metal Lunchbox and Thermos. Tagline: "In the future, everything will be reviewed."
Eater PDX already getting getting into trouble: Runs a photo of an anonymous Portland food critic, and then pulls it.
Telegraph: Woman diagnosed with fear of vegetables [via Dangerous Minds]
Publishers Weekly drops an early "The Best Food Books of 2009" list [...]

AM Linksplodge 11/09/09

Above, spork Freak Baby [via digg]
A Continuous Lean: The Goodness That is Biscuitville.
Yumsugar interviews David Chang and Peter Meehan. When asked what's going to be big in 2010, Chang replies, "There'll be more burgers, steakhouses, meatloaf, more comfort food, more boring."
NYT op-ed by Nicholas D. Kristof on bisphenol A: "In my reporting around the world, [...]

Linksplodge 11/06/09

Above: Detail of the collage "Manshroom" by Amy Ross. 19"x13" Edition of 2 each $2000 (two remaining) available on 20x200.
BBC: Forth oysters, once regarded as among the best in Britain, have been found decades after they were declared extinct in the area. [via Cold Mud]
Wired: Vet School 2.0: Stick Your Hand Up a Virtual [...]

Linksplodge 11/05/09

Above, The General Foods Kitchens Cookbook, on Etsy, $15. Update: it's sold.
Photo slideshow by EMD's Helen Rosner: In the Kitchen at Ad Hoc.
Sigh, more print media woes: One of favorite magazines with good food coverage, Garden & Gun, is in trouble: "To help shore up our business for 2010 and beyond, we recently made the [...]

Lunchtime Linksplodge 11/05/09

Above: Bread shoes by DADADA studio. €22 plus €5 shipping: "Every pair is unique and comes with a best suitable hand-picked cardboard box." [via TDW]
Guardian: McDonald's to sponsor FAT (Football Association of Thailand) [via Yes But No]
GSNY: Frank Bruni sells the TV rights to his book Born Round. Who will play Frank Bruni? We have [...]

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