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Morning Linksplodge 11/04/09

Above: Guiness Halloween Coasters from Romania.
Grant Achatz, in the latest round of the Piglet, employed his staff to test recipes: "A good cook always knows his strengths, drawing from the resources that are available to him in order to get through the hectic days. As it turns out I happen to have a brigade of [...]

Linksplodge 11/03/09

Above: It's candy! Forkable's Dexter-inspired Biohazard Blood Slides.
Grub Street SF wonders if SF Weekly fired Meredith Brody for being a bad blogger.
Latest round in the Piglet: David Kamp judges Momofuku vs Seven Fires.
On the occasion of a new season of The F Word, The Guardian asks When did Gordon Ramsay go stale?
Archinect's School Blog Project [...]

Linksplodge 11/02/09

Above, Moustache salt and pepper shaker, $28 on Etsy. Seven available. Buy buy buy! [via Design Milk]
New Scientist on the ecological "pawprint" of pets. Make sure to see the chart of "land guzzlers": A medium-sized dog has a bigger footprint than a Toyota Land Cruiser.
City Winery / Wired Wine Tasting Event, November 8th, ickily-named: Spit [...]

Lunchtime Linksplodge 11/02/09

Above, vegetarian vampire Robert Pattinson moodily enjoys some corn on the cob in the latest Vanity Fair. [via @kludt]
Times UK on the Japanese subculture of "girly men" or "herbivorous males" who don't live up to traditional Japanese standards of masculinity and instead wear bras and eat cakes. [via Jezebel
Andrew Zimmern ate dog in Hanoi but [...]

Linksplodge 10/30/09

Above: NYC Spaghetti packaging, a student project by Alex Creamer.
Scary! Sandra Lee as a guest on Wendy Williams.
Photo set from Eater SF: How a Prized, Rare Three-Ton Stove Gets Into a Kitchen.
Another "I am a" Q&A on Reddit with a McDonald's key executive.

Linksplodge 10/29/09

Above: box vox has photos of the smart Lucky Cat candy packaging.
Midtown Lunch has photos of the “This is Why You’re Fat Eat N Tweet Challenge.”
Century-old whisky left behind by explorers in Antarctic is going to be dug out and auctioned off.

Linksplodge 10/28/09

Above: Betty Crocker's Dinner in a Dish cookbook from 1965. $6.00 on Etsy. Update: it's sold.
Surgeons in Rotterdam in the Netherlands discovered 78 different items of cutlery in a 52-year-old woman's stomach.
Meet the chefs and restaurateurs who are running the New York City Marathon. Giant wet wipes? TMI.
David Chang on the "figs on a plate" [...]

Linksplodge 10/27/09

Above, the Lick -n- Sit Tongue Chair on Etsy, $2,800. [via Cakehead]
On Josh Ozersky's announcement of his departure (and subsequent shuttering of The Feedbag), a commenter quips "Are you becoming Rachel Ray’s consigliere?"
More food media moves: Eater cofounder Ben Leventhal is working for NBC now. He clarifies.
It's almost Halloween, so it must be time to [...]

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