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The Redesign of the Chicken Now Identity

While we're sad to see Cooper Black go, we like the redesign of Chicken Now's logo by DJ Stout (who also did the redesign of Popeye's). Chicken Now is an upstart fast food chain that serves only chicken tenders, grilled or fried, eschewing those pesky bones.

A Possible Origin of Grub Street's Logo

Yesterday's relaunch of Grub Street brought more prominence to the logo, and something about it always bugged us. Perhaps it was that the Chinese take-out container is not truly representative of the often more fancy and diverse foodstuffs they cover.
But then it hit us: The way in which it's illustrated, it looks as if Master [...]

Parodies of Pepsi's 'Refresh Everything' Ad Campaign [food art]

Here are some dark, funny, and brilliant parodies of Pepsi's "Refresh Everything" ad campaign by Brooklyn-based artist Trevor Bittinger. Sort of inevitable, really, but some of these are totally spot-on, in a culture-jamming Adbusters kind of way — particularly the one above that's refashioned into an ad for Coke. See the whole set over at [...]

Pepsi Logo Hack

Lawrence Yang reworked Pepsi's new logo: "Every time I see the logo, I can't help imagining a big belly button in the middle."

Redesigning the Super Bowl Logo in Food

The New York Times has a slideshow of designers reworking the Super Bowl logo. We liked the concept of Julia Hoffmann's food-based version, combining pizza, burgers and chicken wings:
Since Super Bowl Sunday is the second largest U.S. food consumption day, following Thanksgiving, I propose to mark this unofficial second (or for some people first) national [...]

The American Comfort Quilt at CITIZEN:Citizen

The American Comfort Quilt, for sale at CITIZEN:Citizen's online store is a traditionally crafted handmade quilt that "offers a context unseen before for the brands collated here, all of which form part of our collective unconcious." $4,900!

The Pen is Mightier

Beyond spectacular logo for the Guild of Food Writers, by 300million:

This might put the FedEx arrow to shame. [via]

The Cost of Pepsi Changing its Logo

Ad Age quotes an "expert" on how much it might cost for Pepsi to change its logo:
The real cost, said an expert, is in removing the old logo everywhere it appears and putting new material up. For Coke or Pepsi, when you add up all the trucks, vending machines, stadium signage, point-of-sale materials and more [...]

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