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The Lunch Chart at The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien

Photograph from
We were poking around Conan O'Brien's new website — (The Tonight Show premieres June 1st!) — and we stumbled onto this photo of the lunch places chart. Reads the caption: "Food is the biggest issue here on the lot; we've started keeping a list of lunch places, and if they're good or not!" [...]

Pyramid Lunch Box

The Nutrition Pyramid Lunch Box's goal is to help you be healthy:
You probably know the nutrition pyramid, but not always follow it. Here comes a “templates”, the nutrition pyramid lunch box, it reminds you, guides you, to be healthier.

This Is What It's Coming to


Lunch Makes You Groggy Anyway

Seth Lipsky, editor for the now-defuncy New York Sun, kept his staff hungry:
One former editorial page staffer recalled how Lipsky rigged the office fire bell to ring whenever he dialed a certain number from his home — he didn't think people were answering his calls quickly enough before. At one point, he was widely suspected [...]

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