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Ladurée Macaron Stationery

Tape. Photograph: Collette
Parisian patisserie Ladurée (site plays music) has collaborated with Japanese stationery Mark's on a line of paper goods now available online at Colette. The collection includes notebooks subtly trimmed with cake decoration, rolls of scotch tape in the pastels of their signature macarons, a sticker set of afternoon tea essentials and a macaron [...]

Hamburger Macaron = YAY AWESOME

Photograph: Helen Rosner / Eat Me Daily
For Thanksgiving, I used my newfound macaron-making skills to froth up a batch of coffee-buttercream-filled delights. As my dad noted, the toasty brown cookies looked awfully like hamburger buns, something Mike of Sky Full of Bacon had noted about my earlier batch as well. So I did what I [...]

Cookbook Review: I Heart Macarons by Hisako Ogita: Sweet, Fluffy, and Imperfect

Photograph: Helen Rosner / Eat Me Daily
Hello! This book review comes with a contest! Make it all the way to the end for details on how to win your own copy of I Heart Macarons.
I've never made macarons before. I'm really way too impatient and haphazard by nature to be much of a baker, I've [...]

The Confectionery Landscapes of Will Cotton's Art Comes to Life at Partners & Spade

Photograph: Adam Robb / Eat Me Daily
Yesterday was the first Sunday of Will Cotton's November residency at the New York City gallery-boutique Partners & Spade. Continuing for the next two Sundays (November 15th and 22nd), the artist will be baking and frosting cakes that serve as models in many of his paintings. Cotton literally [...]

McDonalds' Macaron Ads

Photos via
Out of France come these ads for McDonalds' McCafe's macarons by TBWA, Paris, France in which they look just like mini-burgers. Sort of a reminder to the public, saying, "Hey, even if you're not a fan of the burgers, you could always stop in for a pretty good macaron." But before everyone [...]

The Eat Me Daily Fall 2009 Cookbook Preview

Autumn brings more than just falling leaves and the return of legitimate root vegetables: it's also when publishing houses drop their most ambitious cookbook offerings, hoping to tap into the spirit of cooking (and book-buying) that pervades the pre-holiday season.
And is this ever a good year for cookbooks: the next three months will see enough [...]

David Lebovitz Makes Ketchup Macarons

After seeing the recipe for ketchup macarons (with cornichons) in Pierre Hermé's cookbook Macarons, David Lebovitz went ahead and made them: "If you think that sounds odd, if you think about it, tomatoes are a fruit and ketchup is really a spiced and sweetened paste made from them."
His conclusion? "The taste wasn't bad and I [...]

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