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Milk Men: A Mad Men Parody

Here's a pretty exceptional four-minute parody of Mad Men by Sidecar Comedy for called Milk Men in which "milk is delivered, passions run deep, and it all looks like the 60s."

Retro Recipes: Betty Draper's Rumaki, 1967

Welcome to Retro Recipes! Brought to you from the capable kitchen of Eat Me Daily's Stephanie Butler, each week revisits a preparation from the past that straddles the line between ingenious and absurd. This week: Rumaki.
As you might expect from someone who has a serious fetish for vintage cookbooks, pencil skirts, and the music [...]

'Meshugene Men': Dan Draperberg Sells Mayonnaise [video]

Here's a video from the Shushan Channel to promote their upcoming Purim show at the 92Y Tribeca. called "Meshugene Men," the Jewish version of Mad Men, starring Amy Sedaris as "Netty Draperberg." Her husband "Dan Draperberg," of the advertising firm "Sterling-Kugel," is given a new product to sell: "It's called mayonnaise, apparently the gentiles eat [...]

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