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Amazon's Most Delicious Magazine Cover Contest 2009

Back in June the American Society of Magazine Editors (ASME) announced a competition to determine the top magazine covers, and out of 38 entries submitted, here are the six finalists in the "Most Delicious Cover" category as chosen by a panel of judges.
And now it's up to you, America: head on over to Amazon [...]

Food + Sex Magazine Debuts

Food + Sex is a new magazine with claims to be "The New Aesthetic of Food" featuring articles about human-incubated yogurt and about eating psychedelic mushrooms ( "Tripping Balls on the Magic Penis"). Heavy on art, light on copy, you can check out a preview of issue zero. Here's their description:
Collage art food magazine, Food [...]

What's Up With Gourmet's September Cover?

The cover of Gourmet's September issue is stunning and bizarre, featuring a photograph that brings to mind a macro shot of Shrek's ass. Or perhaps a gnarly pear? A scarred lunar surface? Whatever it is, food-wise, it's a little unattractive.
Conde Nast's food magazine death spiral continues, what with Gourmet's ad pages down 52% year-over-year. Deviating [...]

Esquire's 'Eat Like A Man' ADHD Edition

The September issue of Esquire magazine hit the shelves recently, and while normally this would go unnoticed here, this particular issue has a large food-related feature, subtlety titled, "How To Eat Like A Man Now." We don't know much about Esquire readers in 2009, and had been under the impression that they were a [...]

Wallpaper* Magazine on the Future of Food

September issue of Wallpaper*. View larger

Food Printer. Photo via
The September issue of Wallpaper* explores the future of food (see also the associated slideshow) as imagined by Philips, the consumer electronics company, including a Nutrition Monitor scanning wand that can measure the nutritional value of food paired with a sensor you ingest to achieve optimal [...]

Cured Meat in Gradient Magazine

Here's a two-page layout from the Summer issue of Gradient Magazine showcasing 19 different varieties of Eastern European cured meats and sausages.
The magazine can be found for free in boutiques, galleries, and condominium buildings in New York City.

Gourmet and Bon App's Ad Page Meltdown

Condé Nast released its official projections for its September ad sales, and it's not pretty. It's bad. If we're reading the chart after the jump correctly, then year-over-year from Sep 08 to Sep 09, Bon Appetit's ad pages are down 40% (from 74 to 44) and Gourmet's ad pages are down 51.9% (from 85 to [...]

Attack of the Zombie Tapas in Ling Magazine

View larger.
We were recently tipped off to an article in an in-flight magazine that's a bit more risque than your usual "best tacquerias of Austin" spread. Ling, the magazine for low-cost Catalan carrier Vueling, published a May 2009 pictorial "El Ataque de las Tapas Zombies," featuring models taken to untimely ends by chorizo, baby octopus, [...]

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