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Print Magazine's August 2009 Food Issue

Print Magazine's August 2009 "food issue" is on newsstands — it being a magazine about print design (duh), the focus is on mainly product and book design. Here's your ADHD wrapup:

One page is dedicated to "the world of food online," which mentions Scanwiches, This Is Why You're Fat (called "a Tumblr page"), Suicide Food, and [...]

Saveur's Merri Lee Kingsly Clarifies the Magazine's Not-Blog

A few days ago, we took Saveur's announcement of a website upgrade that included an "aggregator" as an indication that they were announcing a blog. The magazine's publisher, Merri Lee Kingsly, very patiently set us straight.
"We’re relaunching our Web site in August," she confirmed to us, but that thing we were very sillily referring to [...]

Saveur: The Only Major Food Magazine With a Blog?

In an interview with Fishbowl NY, Saveur publisher Merri Lee Kingsly revealed part of Saveur's secret to success — while all other magazines are crashing and burning, the high-end food title is seeing a retardedly great 22% ad page growth. And piggybacking on their success, Saveur's expansion plans for the summer include a website revamp:
We're [...]

Wallpaper* Magazine's July Sex Issue

Wallpaper* just released their July sex issue, featuring food and drink as the favored aphrodisiac throughout the magazine. Their recommended indulgences include a bedside spread of room service at New York's newest hotels including The Standard, Plaza, Ace, and Thompson LES, and should one overindulge, the Semi-Automatic, a luxury vending machine at the Mondrian Miami [...]

Saveur's Texas Issue, ADHD Edition

Love it or hate it, there's something about Texan food. Not quite Southern, not quite Southwestern, and not quite Mexican, Texan cuisine is something else entirely. Saveur's June/July issue is largely comprised of a collection of pieces of varying length entitled "Twenty-Four Reasons Why We Love Texas."

In this "Texas issue," Saveur does a fairly good [...]

Top Chef The Magazine

Top Chef the magazine is coming. Mediabistro dropped the bomb on a partnership between Food & Wine magazine and Bravo's Top Chef in a post about "media synergy" or whatever:
Ellen Stone, Bravo's SVP of marketing, told the Mediabistro Circus audience that the cable channel works closely with Food & Wine to promote both brands: [...]

Men's Health Chef/Pigsplosion

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The June 2009 issue of Men's Health has a whole series of articles under the banner "Eat Like a Man" — notable pieces include a "13 Places to Eat Before You Die" piece by Anthony Bourdain (St. John, el Bulli, French Laundry, Per Se, Le Bernardin, Katz's, etc) which isn't online, and a scare [...]

Yummy Magazine, Issue #3

Not to be confused with the Philippines' best-selling food magazine of the same name, the limited edition Parisian design annual Yummy celebrated the release of its third issue this week. Served up fresh if never on time, Yummy debuted in July 2005 first in praise of junk food, and then fast food eighteen months later. [...]

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