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Mickey Kaus Predicts the End of Gourmet and Bon Appetit

Blogging for Slate in KausFiles, Mickey Kaus writes:
kf hears: Bon Appetit and Gourmet are the next Conde Nast mags slated to die.
We can't imagine that Condé Nast would just kill both magazines — perhaps a merger is imminent?

The Pork Issue of Meatpaper: ADHD Edition

The latest issue of Meatpaper hit the shelves recently, and we're smitten. If you don’t yet know the magazine, you should: it’s a print job run out of San Francisco that's "more about metaphors than recipes," with a mission to focus on the socio-cultural importance of food and eating habits. This quarter's edition, #7, is [...]

Condé Nast's Food Magazines Approach the Bare Minimum

A visit to the magazine racks is a scary experience these days — everyone is seriously slimming down. Condé Nast's food magazines are part of that trend, so much so that the January issue of Gourmet and the March issue of Bon Appetit each totaled a paltry 108 pages — only six pages above [...]

Sandra Lee Semi-Homemade Magazine Blurs Advertising and Editorial

Say what you will about Sandra Lee and her kitchen philosophy of "70 percent store-bought, ready made plus 30 percent fresh allows you take 100 percent of the credit." Her food is generally atrocious, but who cares? She's too easy of a punching bag.
But her magazine — that's another story. The first issue of [...]

Conde Nast's Food Magazines in Trouble

Ad pages in 2008 were down at Bon Appetit and Gourmet, -16.5%, and -23.4%, respectively.
The future of food in print does look bleak, but let's hope that these old warhorses stick around — food journalism needs a healthy ecosystem, and glossy magazines are a big part of it.

Interview with Swallow Magazine's Creative Director and Editor, James Casey

We here at Eat me daily are huge, huge fans of Swallow Magazine — see our enthusiastic coverage as evidence. This is a bold, innovative publication that redefines what a food magazine can be, bringing a level of design, photography, and writing to food that has been sorely missing. If this is the future of [...]

Ricardo, a Canadian Food Magazine, Bites the Dust

The global economic meltdown claims its first food magazine victim: Canada's Ricardo magazine. Founded in 2006, the English language edition of the magazine has been suspended "for an undetermined period" due to "insufficient paid subscriptions" reports the Ottawa Citizen. The French language edition will continue to be published.
Not affected is the popular Food Network Canada [...]

Swallow Magazine, a New Food Magazine [print not dead yet]

Available at your fancier newsstands, Swallow Magazine is a new biannual food publication. The inaugural issue tackles the Nordic countries, with each subsequent issue destined to cover a different region or country. The website doesn't have any information, but from the magazine's introduction:
"This is Swallow Magazine, an experiment in how far a food magazine [...]

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