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Sandra Lee Semi-Homemade Magazine Coming February [print not dead yet]

As if I didn't have enough reasons to hate Sandra Lee, now comes word that she's fiddling while Rome burns.
The Post delivers an interesting compare-contrast. One one hand, there are the reported layoffs of 600 employees from Time, Inc., whose rate base declines and general media malaise means entire magazines are folding. On the [...]

The New Yorker 2008 Food Issue, ADHD Edition

James Surowiecki explains the entire global food crisis in seven easy to digest paragraphs!
Fuchsia Dunlop on Dai Jianjun’s “prelapsarian Chinese cuisine” – an awkward phrase that is hopefully not intended to conflate Our Lady of Localism Alice Waters with Our Common Mother Eve. (Print only)
Calvin Trillin on Texas Barbecue Rankings – A former rodeo clown [...]

April 1937 Cover of Life Magazine


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