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The West Virginia Hot Dogs Slaw Mapping Project

This map above shows the results from the West Virginia Slaw Mapping Project that analyzed and documented the different ways "Hot Dog Joints" (HDJs) serve their hot dogs:
While the vast majority of West Virginians prefer hot dogs topped with coleslaw, it is not a standard topping at hot dog joints everywhere in West Virginia. The [...]

Map Mashup Madness

The Triumph of Bullshit did some crazy map mashups:
This map of the map of number of residents per Waffle House laid over the map of America’s racist belt laid over the map of 1860 cotton production laid over the map of 2008 election results clearly proves that either Waffle House is ground zero for racism [...]

Gentrify: A Map for All Your Bourgeois Needs

Webapp Gentrify "helps the elite urban bourgeois find their natural habitats." Mashing up Craigslist apartment listings with checkboxes under the heading "What do you care about?" to display "amenities" such as creperies, yoga, wine bars, gluten-free, live/raw food, and of course, vegan restaurants.

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