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The Chopping Block [review]

It's taken a couple of days for us to fully digest NBC's new cooking reality show, The Chopping Block — we had the unfortunate displeasure of watching it twice — and here, in a nutshell, is our take: it's a sloppily-executed crudely-edited mess. The whole thing stinks of artifice and deceit. Frankly, we were a [...]

Who the Hell Is Marco Pierre White?

Marco Pierre White is taking the helm of NBC's upcoming Top Chef ripoff, Chopping Block, a curious choice to head up a reality show. White is known at least as much for his aggressive chain smoking, his three tumultuous marriages, and his extraordinarily abusive personality as he is for his cooking. That is, when he's [...]

New Chopping Block Commercial: 'He's the Chef Who Made Gordon Ramsay Cry' [video]

NBC recently ran a new ten-second commercial for the upcoming restaurant reality show, Chopping Block. In it, Marco Pierre White says, "I didn't make Gordon Ramsay cry. That was his choice to cry."
Plus another preview video from NBC where he intones one ominous phrase after the other, "I like to be the fox [...]

Marco Pierre White: Restaurant Deals Attract the 'Wrong Type of Client'

Marco Pierre White believes that restaurateurs who turn to deals and special offers potentially do more harm than good. The Telegraph UK relays this quote:
It's a weakness. You are attracting the wrong type of client. People come to your restaurant because they are going to save three quid, not because of your food. You have [...]

The Chopping Block Commercial [video]

Last night, NBC aired the first commercial for Chopping Block, the upcoming restaurant reality show with Marco Pierre White. The show, set in New York City, will have eight couples, split into two teams, with each team assigned side-by-side restaurant spaces, where they'll have to endure challenges such as "having less than a week to [...]

NBC's The Chopping Block with Marco Pierre White Set To Premiere March 11th

Last week, NBC announced that their foray into food reality television Chopping Block, with host Marco Pierre White, will premiere March 11th.
Based on an Australian program of the same name, and produced by the team behind Hell's Kitchen, the show will have eight couples, split into two teams, with each team assigned side-by-side restaurant spaces [...]

Prediction for 2009: Total Food-Based Reality Television Overload

2009 is poised to be the year that food reality TV is going to peak. Besides the classic stalwarts (Top Chef, Hell's Kitchen, etc.) there are so many new food competitions hitting the cable box that we can't help but be reminded of the famous line by the radio comedian Fred Allen, "imitation is the [...]

Marco Pierre White on Jamie Oliver and Industrial Chickens

Marco Pierre White has something to say about Jamie Oliver, industrial chickens, and economics:
There are a lot of people in this country earning just £20,000 a year, and they have a family to feed and a roof to put over their heads. And certain people are banging on about battery chickens. I think it's quite [...]

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