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How To Cook Everything By Jennifer L. Knox [What?]

Photograph via The Hypothetical Library
What kind of wedding present do you get for the couple who has everything (or whose wedding you forgot about)? You can do what poet Jennifer L. Knox did and give them a copy of Mark Bittman's How To Cook Everything (buy it) with Bittman's name scratched out and your own [...]

Mark Bittman Is Possibly Trying to Kill You (or Give You Botulism)

On Saturday, the New York Times removed a recipe for infused oils by Mark Bittman from its website because the instructions posed a potential Botulism risk. The recipe was quietly pulled after The NYTPicker contacted Bittman and dining section editor Pete Wells regarding the lack of food safety warnings.
Apparently, you're supposed to simmer the oil [...]

Quote of the Day

Does Bittman also complain when watching HGTV's slew of home renovation programs? It would have taken LONGER to tile that backsplash, I imagine him yelling at the TV screen.
Food Network Addict, in response to Mark Bittman's senseless piece, "TV Cooking vs. Real Cooking."

Mark Bittman, 'Locavore,' Cooks Endangered Fish

Mark Bittman, author of The Minimalist column of the New York Times, recently posted a seemingly innocuous recipe for "Red Snapper with Citrus Salsa." Problem is, red snapper is one of the most over-harvested and thus endangered fish in the world. Tom Philpott, food editor for Grist, called him out on his lack of responsibility, [...]

Food Olds Discover This Is Why You're Fat

Mark Bittman finally discovered This Is Why You're Fat, twittering: "Has everyone but me seen 'this is why you're fat?'"
And because of Bittman, Ruth Reichl saw it for the first time, too! She replies: "@bittman I was much happier NOT having seen that. Thanks so much for sharing. Truly gross."
On to Emily Nunn, twittering: [...]

A Meatatarian's Response to Mark Bittman

Troy Piper, who one can only conclude prefers meat over vegetables, after seeing Mark Bittman's appearance on The Colbert Report, responds via Twitter:
@bittman Seriously? We can save the planet by eating vegetables?! You suck. Colbert destroyed you. Go sit in a tree, you goddamned hippy.

Mark Bittman on The Colbert Report [video]

Mark Bittman was the guest on last night's The Colbert Report promoting his latest book, Food Matters. Stephen Colbert needled him a little bit about the whole "being vegan until 6PM" thing, but Colbert's been going easy on his guests lately, and he actually let Bittman talk. We liked the opener from Colbert:
You have a [...]

Mark Bittman on Becoming a 'Lessmeatarian'

Photo by PixieClaire001
On the interview circuit in promotion of his new book Food Matters, Mark Bittman gives Library Journal explains the change of his carnivorous ways, shifting more towards a vegetarian diet, or what he calls "lessmeatarian":
Someone just reminded me that I said ten years ago, "If pigs were raised in prison, I wouldn't care [...]

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