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'Mealing' by Martí Guixé at Performa 09 [food art]

Photograph courtesy Constantin Boym.
Inspired by the 100th anniversary of the Futurist Manifesto, last Friday Martí Guixé introduced his food "meal-in-motion"/installation titled "Mealing" as part of Performa 09 in New York City. After being given the rules for this "relational banquet," guests received ceramic cups with edible "microsnacks" and printed action statements intending to prompt strangers [...]

Upcoming: Martí Guixé's 'Mealing' in New York City

As part of Performa 09, tomorrow, Saturday November 13th in New York City is designer and artist Martí Guixé's "performance and meal-in-motion" called "Mealing." Participants will be given ceramic glasses adorned with “edible microsnacks," plus instructions for eating them while "performing small gestures that will require each person to interact with their fellow diners." The [...]

Upcoming: Food Art and Installations at Performa 09 in New York City

Performa 09, the third edition of the biennial of new visual art performance, will be held in New York City from November 1–22, 2009, and there's going to be more cutting-edge food art than you can shake a stick at.
In particular, the opening night gala / benefit dinner on Friday, October 30th is definitely something [...]

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