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Adventures in Foreign McDonald's: Swiss Weeks Burgers

Still from commercial via McDonald's
Why can't McDonald's in America be as awesome as it is overseas? From teaming up with the Italian government to use local products for its McItaly burger, to a complete ban of beef and pork products from its menu in India, McDonald's is surprisingly sensitive when it comes to infiltrating and [...]

Marketing Junk Food: Hey Kid, Eat This [videos]

Photograph: Ads of the World
The Washington, D.C.-based Center for Science in the Public Interest has analyzed 128 food and entertainment companies on how they market to children, and most came up way short. Though McDonald's only scored a C-, it did better than most companies in the study. Mars Inc. came out on top with [...]

The Big McSausage Egg Surf & Turf Mac

Photograph via Eating the Road
From Eating the Road comes the The Big McSausage Egg Surf & Turf Mac sandwich composed of a Big Mac, Filet o Fish patty, McChicken patty, McMuffin egg & sausage patty that clocks in at $7.71 and 1,730 calories. The tricky part (we love this) is that since the sandwich combines [...]

McRib Commercial 1989 [caption contest]

As if the visuals weren't creepy enough, the voiceover on this McDonald's McRib commercial from 1989 says: "A big slice of pork in a sassy sauce, tempting huh? Like a barbecue in a bun without the bones. And with a big icy Coke, well, you're only human, huh daddy? CHOMP."
We're doing a caption contest on [...]

Newspaper Dressed Up as Breakfast Burrito [advertising]

"Breakfast Burrito" is an ad that turned the Edmonton Sun into a McDonald's breakfast burrito — wrapper and all — with an “egg, sausage and cheese front page domination." By Cossette Toronto, which won the Best of Show award at the Canadian Newspaper Association’s 2009 Extra Awards. Couldn't tell if this was just a concept [...]

McDonald's French Fry Wi-Fi Ad

Titled "Wi-Fries," this ad for free Wi-Fi at McDonald's turns the french fries into the familiar logo of free internet access. At the same time, however, it sort of defies the conventional wisdom of crispy, golden fries, showing them as limp and malleable.

'There's a McDonald's for Everyone' Parody Commercials

McDonald's in the UK is running these "McDonald's for Everyone" commercials describing their customers with the cutesy turn-of-phrase "just passing by." The commercial is a ripoff (or homage, your pick) of the Rolf Harris song "The Court of King Caractacus," itself a reworking of a boy scout's campfire song.
Alright. Enter the British comedian/musician Chris Cohen, [...]

How To Make the McNuggetini [video]

In case you were wondering how to make a McNuggetini — the legendary drink that combines a McDonald's chocolate milkshake with vanilla vodka, poured into a barbecue sauce-rimmed martini glass, with a McNugget for garnish — here's a how-to video from its creators, Alie Ward and Georgia Hardstark.

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