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McDonald's Portugal Rips Off Fancy Fast Food

McDonald's in Portugal is such a big fan of Fancy Fast Food — the blog that takes basic items from fast food restaurants and styles them to look like haute cuisine — that they're totally ripping it off in a nationwide contest, "Desafio Gourmet," or "Gourmet Challenge."
Update: Erik R. Trinidad, the creator of, [...]

Stephen Colbert Tips His Hat to the Louvre for Installing a McDonald's [video]

In the segment "Tip of the Hat / Wag of the Finger" Stephen Colbert tipped his hat to the Louvre for embracing American culture and installing a McDonald's:
McDonald's will fit perfectly with the French culture, because after all, what is a French mime but a mute, humorless Ronald McDonald? And if that's not enough to [...]

McDonald's to Open at the Louvre

Photo composite: Eat Me Daily
Sacrebleu! A McDonald's restaurant and McCafé are going to open in the Louvre museum next month (more specifically in the underground approach to the Louvre, known as the Carrousel du Louvre). The plans are for a "quality" McCafé and a McDonald's restaurant, likely the fancy kind that serve macarons. An art [...]

McDonalds' Macaron Ads

Photos via
Out of France come these ads for McDonalds' McCafe's macarons by TBWA, Paris, France in which they look just like mini-burgers. Sort of a reminder to the public, saying, "Hey, even if you're not a fan of the burgers, you could always stop in for a pretty good macaron." But before everyone [...]

'Quarter Pounder with Cheese' - MTV Basterdize Tarantino Contest Winner [video]

Here's the winning video in MTV Canada's Basterdize Tarantino Contest that had people submit spoofs of Quentin Tarantino films, with the director himself selecting the winner. First place went to The Granger Brothers and their reworking of the "Quarter Pounder with Cheese" scene from Pulp Fiction, but from a French perspective:
You know what zey call [...]

McDonald's Ad Campaign in Japan Mocks White People and Foreigners [video]

McDonald's is running an ad campaign in Japan that uses Mr. James, a bumbling white guy who speaks broken katakana (i.e. accented) Japanese. Basically a gaijin, a derogatory term for a foreigner in Japan, he's even got his own blog while he tours McDonald's locations across Japan. People are upset because he's perpetuating racist stereotypes, [...]

NYC McDonald's Stays Open During Renovation, Subjects Customers to a Construction Site

The owner of the McDonald's at 541 6th Ave (between 14th and 15th Street) in Manhattan is keeping the location open while it undergoes a much-needed renovation. Subjecting customers to the indignity of a construction site, there's exposed drywall, missing dropped-ceiling tiles, a random application of blue tape, and worst of all, fold-out metal chairs [...]

PETA Terrifies Children With 'Unhappy Meals'

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Yesterday at a McDonald's in Albany, NY, PETA terrified children by handing out "Unhappy Meals." Inside the box: a bloodied rubber chicken, a packet of ketchup blood, a "McCruelty" t-shirt wrapped up in a blood-splattered chicken sandwich box, and a cardboard cutout of a knife-wielding Ronald McDonald.
One of the customers who brought her [...]

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