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X-Ray McSupersized Toy by Ron English

Ron English made these X-ray portly Ronald McDonald collectible toys as a follow-up to the sculptures recently displayed in Milan. Out of stock for the moment, they were on sale at the Japanese online retailer Zozotown for ¥8,400 (~$88). The semi-translucent shell comes off to reveal a glow-in-the-dark skeleton:

Digital Big Mac Signals the End of Photography

This video of a Big Mac, fries, and soda, starts out like food porn — sumptuous photography, shallow depth of field, etc. — but like in the Matrix, the simulation starts to break down, revealing that the fast food is entirely digitally rendered.
It was easier to make the video using computers than shooting it live. [...]

Portly Ronald McDonald Sculptures by Ron English

Photo via
Portly Ronald McDonald sculptures by Ron English at The Don Gallery, Milan Italy. See more photos of the show at The Don Gallery's blog.

Heidi Klum Says 'Auf Wiedersehen' To Hunger

Photograph: Getty Images via
Heidi Klum at a promotional event for McDonald's new upscale Snack Deluxe hamburgers on May 25, 2009 in Munich, Germany.

Kentuckians May Need Seatbelt Extenders

Fast food-loving seatbelt-wearing residents of Louisville can rejoice at their local McDonald's: Today, drivers and passengers that drive through a McDonald’s wearing a seatbelt will receive coupons courtesy of the Golden Arches. (Those not wearing seat belts won't be given citations but instead will receive an educational card "explaining the benefits of the devices.")
The Kentucky [...]

Photo Proof: The McDonald's Mac Snack Wrap Exists! [autopsy shots]

Photograph: Eat Me Daily
A couple of weeks ago, we covered the release of McDonald's Mac Snack Wrap in all of the chain's 1,400 outlets in Canada — the Mac Snack Wrap, you may remember, is composed of the standard ingredients from a Big Mac, but stuffed inside a warm flour tortilla. But what we wanted [...]

McDonald's Mac Snack Wrap: A Big Mac Inside a Flour Tortilla

This week McDonald's launched the Mac Snack Wrap in all of the chain's 1,400 outlets in Canada. It's just like the standard Big Mac, but instead all of the ingredients are stuffed inside a warm flour tortilla. It's a test run, and will be available through May 18th. Lucky Canadians! (No, this isn't a user-created [...]

A Possible Predecessor to the McGangBang

Ever since we chronicled the emergence of the McGangBang, we've been getting emails from people claiming to have invented it far earlier than the dates we recorded. Here we present the earliest photographic evidence of a possible McGangBang predecessor, in what could arguably be considered the Java Man of fast food megaloths. The proto-McGangBang.
Jim Miltenberger [...]

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