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Ferran Adria: For the Price, Nobody Can Make a Better Burger than McDonald's

Ferran Adria's whirlwind media tour continues, and now he's in the UK, being interviewed by the Independent UK:
Adria nonetheless suggested that if the fast-food giant hired 10 of the world's top chefs they would not be able to make a better burger – for the price.
"Maybe... they could increase the price and make a hamburger [...]

McDonald's to Phase Out the Double Cheeseburger From the Dollar Menu

We were warned that this might happen all the way back in August, and now the time has finally come: McDonald's is moving to phase the Double Cheeseburger off the dollar menu.
The Oak Brook-based fast food giant confirmed Tuesday that it is asking franchise leaders to support the new sandwich, to be called the [...]

Shrimp and Broccoli, McSteamed?

Quick, name the ways you can incorporate freshly-steamed shrimp and broccoli into a fast-food hamburger!
McDonald’s Corp. is in the early stages of testing a steamer that could cook shrimp, broccoli and oatmeal, according to an analyst... Mr. Kron says the steamer could also cook scrambled eggs in 10 seconds.
They're also testing out a deep-fryer that [...]

Poster Boy Mashes Up McDonald's and Usain Bolt [Food Art]

[via Animal NY]

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