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'Almost Sunset' Photo Series by Liva Rutmane

Liva Rutmane. Left: Almost Sunset 01. Right: Almost Sunset 03.
Liva Rutmane is an art student in Riga, Latvia who sells some of her work on Etsy. She describes herself: "I like strange things, lot's of paint and everything colorful. I am amazed by popular cultures way of expression, but at the same time I am [...]

A Meat-Filled Fashion Show From Russia's Favorite Steakhouse

As part of the campaign "Eat your steak. Be a man," the Russian Goodman Steak House restaurant mini-empire hosted a fashion show with clothing, shawls, scarves, necklaces, and handbags all made out of real, raw meat. has a whole lot of photos of the fashion show, but to see the meat fashion in [...]

Upcoming: Collages by Barbara Weissberger at Dean Project

Photographs via
Opening Saturday, September 19th at the Dean Project in Long Island City, Queens, is the group exhibit "Mirror on Mirror Mirrored" which includes the epic meat collages of Barbara Weissberger. The show features pieces from her "RRSHK" series (as in Rorschach spelled for a vanity license plate), photo collages set against a mirrored [...]

'United States of Meat' by Dominic Episcipo

"United States of Meat," Dominic Episcipo. Photograph via
Here's "United States of Meat" by the Philadelphia-based photographer Dominic Episcipo. Also see his photograph of the United States (as a whole) represented with meat:

Paintings by Mike Geno [food art]

Mike Geno, "Chops" 24"x24" oil on wood. Photo by permission.
Mike Geno is a Philadelphia-based artist who, among other things, makes still-life paintings of food. The single-subject pieces, in series titled meat, donuts, bread, and "foodie" explore "the attractive qualities of various food items that we are sold in the consumer culture we exist.” According to [...]

'Offal Taste' Photo Series by Stephanie Diani [food art]

"Meat as fashion must be in the collective unconscious," wrote Stephanie Diani, Los Angeles-based photographer, when she let us know about her "Offal Taste" photo series from 2007. As a personal project, Diani designed and constructed all the "clothes" herself, and, by adopting a more "conventional" portrait style, the photographs belie the more controversial accessories [...]

Meat Face Paintings by Han Hyo-seok [food art]

After posting about Heide Hatry's 'Heads and Tales' exhibit, we were tipped off to a gallery show Zeitgesit by Han Hyo-seok that recently ran at the gallery ARTSIDE in Seoul, Korea. The solo exhibit is of series of portraits — paintings in fact — of people's faces made to look like meat. The artist [...]

'Heads and Tales' by Heide Hatry at Elga Wimmer Gallery in New York [food art]

Currently on display at the Elga Wimmer PCC gallery in New York City is the exhibition 'Heads and Tales' by German artist Heide Hatry. The exhibition is composed of a series of photographic portraits that document sculptures made out of animal skin and body parts, using untreated pigskin, raw meat for the lips, and fresh [...]

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