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Steak on Pitchforks Cooked in a Cauldron of Fat on Jamie's American Road Trip [video]

Here's something we've never even heard of: In the latest episode of Jamie's American Roadtrip, Jamie Oliver was in Wyoming and Montana to play cowboy, and he comes across what's known as Pitchfork Fondue or Pitchfork Steak: steaks skewered on pitchforks dipped into boiling fat (usually suet) in a large kettle over an open flame. [...]

'United States of Meat' by Dominic Episcipo

"United States of Meat," Dominic Episcipo. Photograph via
Here's "United States of Meat" by the Philadelphia-based photographer Dominic Episcipo. Also see his photograph of the United States (as a whole) represented with meat:

Sound-Activated Dancing Pork Chop [video]

From Joan Healy comes this video of a sound-activated dancing pork chop. Similar to those animatronic dancing Santas, in this case "dancing" might be a generous term — it's more of a jerky, mechanical squirming. But either way, it's a totally bizarre art piece displaying a Frankenstein-like reanimation of a slab of meat, responding quite [...]

La Boucherie Boxer Shorts from J.Crew

If you're late to the butchering trend and you like to cook in your underwear, J Crew has the solution: La Boucherie boxer shorts. New for fall, they feature French cuts of meat served up, how else, but blue.
— Adam Robb

Cured Meat in Gradient Magazine

Here's a two-page layout from the Summer issue of Gradient Magazine showcasing 19 different varieties of Eastern European cured meats and sausages.
The magazine can be found for free in boutiques, galleries, and condominium buildings in New York City.

'Carnophobia (Fear of Meat)' by Michael Mararian [food art]

'Carnophobia (Fear of Meat),' Michael Mararian, 2008, Ink on Bristol Board
Here's "Carnophobia (Fear of Meat)," a painting by Michael Mararian, part of his "Phobias" series. Other paintings in the series include Xanthaphobia (Fear of the Color Yellow), Arctophobia (Fear of Bears), and Pupaphobia (Fear of Puppets), for example.
The original "Carnophobia" is sold, but fear [...]

'Offal Taste' Photo Series by Stephanie Diani [food art]

"Meat as fashion must be in the collective unconscious," wrote Stephanie Diani, Los Angeles-based photographer, when she let us know about her "Offal Taste" photo series from 2007. As a personal project, Diani designed and constructed all the "clothes" herself, and, by adopting a more "conventional" portrait style, the photographs belie the more controversial accessories [...]

Meat Face Paintings by Han Hyo-seok [food art]

After posting about Heide Hatry's 'Heads and Tales' exhibit, we were tipped off to a gallery show Zeitgesit by Han Hyo-seok that recently ran at the gallery ARTSIDE in Seoul, Korea. The solo exhibit is of series of portraits — paintings in fact — of people's faces made to look like meat. The artist [...]

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