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Village Voice Meat Cover Art for Feature on Kosher Empire Implosion [food art]

We totally dug the cover art of last week's Village Voice for the feature The Fall of the House of Rubashkin. The art, for some reason, doesn't appear online.

The Salami Martini [awesome]

I've got no idea what the liquid is here. All I know is that this is a cocktail garnished with a piece of salami, and that I would like to both drink and eat it.


Meat Art Paintings by Victoria Reynolds [food art]

Flight of the Reindeer, 2003, 32 x 43.75 Inches, Oil on panel
A friend of ours recently tipped us to Victoria Reynolds, a Los Angeles-based artist who creates oil paintings of meat. She recently had a show in June at the Richard Heller Gallery in Santa Monica, California — see more of her work at the [...]

Meat Processing, 1942 [photo]

We continue to mine Google's online photo gallery including millions of images from Life magazine's archives.
The photograph above, shot by Alfred Eisenstaedt in 1942, in Omaha, NE, is of "women working in meat processing and packing plant," apparently stuffing tubes of meat into tin cans.

Landscape Made of Meat in Negroni Ad

Words can only do so much to describe this astounding landscape made of meat for Negroni, an Italian salami and cured meats manufacturer. See the full size here, the above image is cropped. [via]

The 'Hardcore Meat Photography' Group on Flickr

German sausage by rdbeerd
There are so many weird and silly groups on Flickr, but the Hardcore Meat Photography definitely caught my eye. [via]

Damon Gambuto: My Hamburger Had a First Name

The new writer for A Hamburger Today had a personal relationship with his meat:
I went to an amazing grammar school called Manhattan Country School. It’s on 96th Street between 5th and Madison and is simply the best… institution… ever. Part of the experience of growing up in MCS was spending time (weeks at a time) [...]

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