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Nothing Fishy: Eric Ripert's On the Line [cookbook review]

While I was reading On the Line (buy at Amazon), the semi-new cookbook/scrapbook from Le Bernardin's Eric Ripert, I kept saying to whoever was sitting near me how uncannily similar it is is to another book I've reviewed for Eat me daily: Ferran Adria's A Day at El Bulli.
I should clarify. The review I [...]

Michael Laiskonis Renegs, Returns to Blogging

A couple of weeks ago, Michael Laiskonis sort of threatened to quit blogging — but he's heard the sirens, and won't be quitting after all:
Indeed, I will continue to use this blog as my soapbox of sorts, for general thoughts, musings, and ideas, however infrequently they may seem to surface.
But then he drops this [...]

Michael Laiskonis to Quit Blogging?

Less than a year into blogging, Michael Laiskonis, pastry chef of Le Bernardin, might be calling it quits when it comes to blogging, citing a potential book deal:
It's been a year, and though a great one with a lot to show for it, I may stop the blog. Maybe it's time to take stock and [...]

Michael Laiskonis on Professional Cooking and 'Sacrifice at the Highest Level'

Pastry chef of Le Bernardin, Michael Laiskonis, writes about replying to emails, letters, and phone calls asking for advice ("I happily participate in these exchanges"), his history ("I credit where I am now in large part to sheer luck"), and on the "harsh realities of professional cooking":
You don't need a sage to tell you that [...]

Michael Laiskonis' Thanksgiving Strategy

Gourmet runs a story where Michael Laiskonis shares his "nontraditional" approach to Thanksgiving: he takes off the Wednesday before to roam the city and shop for food:
In the past few years I’ve developed a ritual that might scare the stuffing out of a Thanksgiving traditionalist: I not only do all my shopping the day before, [...]

Michael Laiskonis on Inspiration and Process

Michael Laiskonis, pastry chef of Le Bernardin, gives some insight on his working process:
In the world of cooking, there is little that is truly new. Rather, it's the expression of accumulated knowledge; each of us has walked our unique path of experience and education, so I think it's fair to say that some sense of [...]

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