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Out Now: Michael Ruhlman's Ratio iPhone App

Michael Ruhlman's Ratio iPhone app is now available on the iTunes store at a highly reasonable $4.99. Now you can wield the the "32 critical ratios" that "form the backbone of the culinary arts, with instructions" and convert ounces to grams (and presumably back again) wherever you go.

The Best Cookbooks of the Decade [goodbye aughties]

While 2009 was full of spectacular cookbooks, the rest of the decade hasn't been too shabby either. With How to Cook Everything (published in 1998) and French Laundry (1999) completely changing the game for home and restaurant cookbooks alike, the next few years were already set up for greatness. Through the hundreds and hundreds of [...]

Michael Ruhlman's Ratio iPhone App

Very exciting: Coming soon is the iPhone-ified rendition of Michael Ruhlman's book Ratio: The Simple Codes Behind the Craft of Everyday Cooking (Amazon). The app features all 32 of the "critical ratios" that "form the backbone of the culinary arts, with instructions," a calculator, an ounces to grams converter, recipes, and for that extra quotient [...]

The Best Cookbooks of 2009 Roundup Spectacular

2009 has really been the year of the home cook. While last year's crop of cookbooks was dominated by technical, aspirational, fantastical documents like Alinea, A Day at El Bulli, and Under Pressure, the front runners this year are all about doability — take Ad Hoc home, take Momofuku home, make your own bacon, can [...]

Cookbook Review: Michael Symon's Live to Cook: Beyond the Food Network

Photo: Helen Rosner / Eat Me Daily
In case you didn't know that Michael Symon, author of Michael Symon's Live to Cook: Recipes and Techniques to Rock Your Kitchen (Amazon) appears on Iron Chef America, it says it right there on the front cover byline: "Michael Symon of Iron Chef America." For some people out there [...]

The Eat Me Daily Fall 2009 Cookbook Preview

Autumn brings more than just falling leaves and the return of legitimate root vegetables: it's also when publishing houses drop their most ambitious cookbook offerings, hoping to tap into the spirit of cooking (and book-buying) that pervades the pre-holiday season.
And is this ever a good year for cookbooks: the next three months will see enough [...]

Ruhlman Complains About 'Irrational' Allergies, Starts Commenter Shitstorm

Michael Ruhlman, who himself is deathly allergic to nuts, rants about people's "fake" allergies, claiming they "stem from ignorance and fear and a generally food-neurotic culture," and calling all of us "a nation of culinary sissies":
What causes this irrational and senseless belief that our bodies react violently to any number of fruits and vegetables and [...]

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