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Bacon Christmas Tree Postcards

Mike Geno (previously interviewed here on EMD) is selling 4x6" postcards with a Christmas tree made out of strips of bacon (a "Bacon Tree") that reads, "May your holiday be wrapped in goodness," and I've got this to say about it: Bacon tastes good. It also smells pretty good, and even makes delightful noises when [...]

'The Bacon Show' at the Mew Gallery in Philadelphia

"Mona Bacon," Mike Geno.

Bacon makes the big time with its own dedicated art show: Currently on display at the Mew Gallery in Philadelphia is "The Bacon Show," a group exhibit curated by Mike Geno (previously interviewed here on EMD). The exhibition, a celebration of "the glory of bacon in all its sizzling, savory goodness," [...]

'Bacon Love' by Mike Geno [International Bacon Day]

"Bacon Love," Mike Geno.
Apparently today (Saturday) is International Bacon Day. The blog of the same name claims that it's celebrated globally the Saturday before Labor Day in the United States. We're a little dubious of these supposed "days" — but who are we to argue?
In honor of International Bacon Day, the artist Mike Geno (previously [...]

Paintings by Mike Geno [food art]

Mike Geno, "Chops" 24"x24" oil on wood. Photo by permission.
Mike Geno is a Philadelphia-based artist who, among other things, makes still-life paintings of food. The single-subject pieces, in series titled meat, donuts, bread, and "foodie" explore "the attractive qualities of various food items that we are sold in the consumer culture we exist.” According to [...]

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