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Lady Gaga's Telephone Video: Let's Make a Sandwich

As promised, Lady Gaga's new video is full of culinary surprises: Wonder Bread, Miracle Whip, and murder. Gaga, imprisoned in the most fashionable jail we've ever seen, is sprung by Beyonce only to make haste to a diner where they poison Tyrese and all the diner's patrons. Gaga's "Cook'n'Kill" recipe calls for rat poison, meta-cyanide, [...]

Miracle Whip to Strike Back at Stephen Colbert

Back on October 15th, Stephen Colbert mercilessly mocked the hipster Miracle Whip campaign. Today the "bold marketing team at Miracle Whip" has taken out ads in newspapers (full size) announcing that they bought commercial time during every break on his show tonight. They write:
On Thursday, November 12, we will dominate the airspace on your show. [...]

Stephen Colbert Parodies Hipster Miracle Whip Commercials [video]

Stephen Colbert has a problem with those commercials with hipsters for Miracle Whip:
Don't be so mayo? As Americans, we hold mayo near and dear to our hearts, because that's where it tends to clot. This smear campaign has miracle whipped me into a frenzy. Well I've had it with these mayo nay-sayers. Tonight I'm going [...]

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