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Animated Infographic Commercial for Little Bites Muffins

This lovely commercial for Little Bites Muffins (prepackaged muffin tops) out of Australia uses a retro-ish infographic style and even takes digs at America: "Every year, muffins have been getting bigger and bigger. Over in America, muffin enlargement have even further gone out of control. Here at the Ministry of Muffins, studies show people really [...]

Muffin Innards in 'Secret Life of a Muffin' by Hannah Greely [food art]

"Secret Life of a Muffin," Hannah Greely, 1998
Here's "Secret Life of a Muffin" by Hannah Greely, a sculpture that presents an anatomical cross-section of a muffin, revealing organs. It's one of the works in the group show "Your Gold Teeth II" curated by Todd Levin, on display at the Marianne Boesky Gallery in New York [...]

At the Armory: Muffin Boxes by Jacob Dahlgren [food art]

"Oslo 1976" (detail), Jacob Dahlgren, metal plate, muffin boxes, 2009. View larger.
At the Armory show in New York City, we liked "Oslo 1976," a set of repeating muffin tins, by the Swedish artist Jacob Dahlgren.

Does the World Need Gwyneth Paltrow's Banana Muffin Recipe?

In a carefully worded article, the New York Times questions Gwyneth Paltrow's apparent ambition to become a lifestyle brand on par with Oprah and Martha. Central to the effort, of course, is her forthcoming cookbook. But, um, why?
Beth Wareham, director of lifestyle books at Scribner and the editor of “The Joy of Cooking,” wondered aloud [...]

Muffin Poking Technique

My favorite breakfast spot in New York is a little coffee shop on Eighth Avenue between 13th and 14th Streets. It has a lemon poppy muffin that is absolutely divine when fresh — and tastes like drywall when not. The easiest way to test for freshness, of course, is to poke the crust, which would [...]

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