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'Happy Dance' Karaoke Song from Flight of the Conchords [video]

From the latest episode of Flight of the Conchords comes the "Happy Dance" song sung by Brett, Korean karaoke-style. We checked and can confirm that the lyrics are more or less correctly translated: "Sometimes love is as / sweet as kalibi (beef delicacy) / Sometimes the taste is likened / the milk of a [...]

Bowerbirds Perform at Economy Candy [video]

We were watching a video that the Bowerbirds, a folksy band from Raleigh, North Carolina, recorded for La Blogoteque last year, and something about the store seemed oddly familiar. And then it hit us: They were performing inside New York City's famed candy shop, Economy Candy. Lovely song.

'Sugar Lumps' by Flight of the Conchords [video]

Flight of the Conchords is back! Season two, episode two featured their song, Sugar Lumps: "All the ladies they want / A taste of my sugar lumps."

Mind-Blowing Food Safety Music Parodies

Okay, people. This is, bar none, the best thing I have ever found on the internet: Dr. Carl Winter's Food Safety Songs.
Dr. Winter is the Weird Al of the food set — he picks up popular music and rewrites the lyrics to be about e. coli, pesticides, mad cow disease, and the importance of washing [...]

Grocery Store Shopping

The Amateur Gourmet on the Key Food across the street:
I'm not going to lie: I love the Key Food across the street. I know that's a guilty secret for a modern day food lover who reads Michael Pollan and has a desire for all peoples to support farmer's markets, to reject the industrialization of food. [...]

Max Tundra Revolutionizes the Music Industry With a Kosher Soup Format [Food Art]

Max Tundra's latest album, Parallax Error Beheads You is available as a can of soup from Domino Records in the UK.
Each can of Max Tundra's limited edition Kosher Chicken Soup comes with a unique code and a link for you to download all the MP3s on the day of release. You can also buy the [...]

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