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The Future of Fish Farming Is Giant Autonomous Roaming Robotic Cages

A photo-illustration composite image of an Aquapod fish-farming cage. Photo via
Aquaculture produces around half of the fish eaten worldwide, and since wild stocks are waning and global demand for fish is increasing, fish farming is destined to play a big role. National Geographic reports on a possible future of aquaculture, which includes free-floating, autonomous [...]

National Geographic Asks 'What Food Would You Miss Most if You Were Sent to Guantanamo?'

The meal port (or "bean hole") of a cell at Camp 5. Provided by Nat Geo as a fucking desktop, or alternatively, a screensaver., with the tagline "the best in blogs," took a sponsored "question of the day" from the National Geographic Channel, promoting its total bummer of a show "Inside Guantanamo." The question? What [...]

George W. Bush Takes His Coffee Black, With Equal [video]

Last night, National Geographic aired the program On Board Air Force One, a government-approved "inside look" at the goings-on inside the presidential air fortress. The one clip that made our jaws drop was the galley kitchens, where they offered a revealing glimpse at the coffee preferences of Bush and company:
George W. Bush takes his coffee [...]

A Waste of Perfectly Good Ice Cream in '42 Ways to Kill Hitler' [video]

Inspired by the upcoming Tom Cruise film Valkyrie, National Geographic ran a program called 42 Ways to Kill Hitler (website). Mind you, the show's title is a little deceiving, because they don't actually go into all 42 attempts on Adolf Hitler's life, but only a few.
In one segment, to test a theory about one such [...]

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