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Offal of the Week: Turkey Offal: Neck, Gizzards, Heart, Liver

Photograph: Ryan Adams. Clockwise from left: neck, gizzards, heart, and liver.
If it's Friday, it must be Offal of the Week! Brought to you by Ryan Adams, author of the blog Nose to Tail at Home, each week we highlight a different part of the animal that you've always wanted to work with, but were afraid [...]

Lamb Neck: The Hottest Cut Of Meat This Week

In an uncanny synchronicity, both Gourmet's Adventures with Ruth and Avec Eric featured lamb neck as a star protein. The new hotness! In the premiere of Adventures with Ruth, Ruth Reichl and Frances McDormand visited Blackberry Farms, and they made barbecued lamb neck (quibble: the online recipe omits the grilling step, simply calling it "Ten-Hour [...]

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