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Banana Peel Installation by Adriana Lara at the New Museum's 'The Generational: Younger Than Jesus' Show [food art]

'Installation (Banana Peel)', Adriana Lara, 2008. View larger.
On display at the New Museum in New York City is Adriana Lara's "Installation (Banana Peel)," as part of the show "The Generational: Younger Than Jesus," the museum's new triennial survey of contemporary art.
For the banana peel installation, a museum employee is instructed to eat a banana each [...]

'Surfing on Acid' by Mary Heilmann [food art]

Mary Heilmann, 'Surfing on Acid,' 2005. Oil on canvas, 60 x 48 in (152.4 x 122 cm).
Well, okay, it's not exactly food art, but we were at the New Museum to check out Mary Heilmann's solo exhibition, "To Be Someone," and we were struck by her painting, 'Surfing on Acid,' which reminded us of a [...]

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