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Food Writing in Magazines Is Alive and Well

Devastated over the death of Gourmet? So are we, but we're not ones to sit around crying: there's still plenty of fantastic food writing and photography out there. Whether it's an entire magazine dedicated to food or an occasional feature in a general interest title, once we put together this list, it became clear that [...]

Grub Street Goes National

We'd be remiss not to mention today's rebranding of the MenuPages city blogs as Grub Street blogs. Say hello to GS Chicago, GS Boston, GS Los Angeles, GS San Francisco, and GS Philadelphia. What we used to know as the singular Grub Street is now Grub Street New York, and look, a [...]

New York Media Takes On VVM For National Food Blog Domination

It looks like there's new and invigorated regional food blog competition brewing between New York Media and Village Voice Media. NYM staked their claim to a national food media empire with their 2008 acquisition of MenuPages and its associated blog network — if the job listings are to be believed, a network that will soon [...]

Slashfood Fires Opening Salvos Against New York Magazine [blog war]

Blog war! Fight! Fight! Slashfood has decided to take on New York Magazine. In a recent post, Bruce Watson writes about about a random low-budget food-based cable access show Bronx Flavor, starring the very strange pimp-like character, Baron Ambrosius.
But on the way there, he detours into bitch-slap land, taking the standard criticism raised against [...]

New York Magazine Stays on Trend, Writes About Hamburgers

New York magazine ran their "Where to Eat 2009" issue today, and we realized something. NYM and trends is like our college roommate and her alcoholic fratboy boyfriend. So ready to walk away, so tired of all the drama, wasting hours and hours complaining about how awful it is ... but there's something ineffable keeping [...]

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