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Sam Sifton's Advice on Deep-Frying Turkeys: Do Not Brine

Still from a video from an earlier post Eight Deep-Fried Turkey Disaster Videos

Sam Sifton has been all over the Diner's Journal blog, answering Thanksgiving-related questions posed by readers. In the post "On Frying Turkeys, Smoking Them and Other Outdoor Matters," he recalls a moment of his reckless youth, in which he and a friend, "amped [...]

Sly Meat Humor from the New York Times Book Review

Image via, Illustration by Paul Sahre.
The above image of a decapitated pig went along with the New York Times Book Review's writeup of Jonathan Safran Foer's anti-carnivore polemic Eating Animals (Amazon). The caption reads "Illustration by Paul Sahre" but Joshua David Stein says that "a real pig's head was used." Anyone have a [...]

Sam Sifton and 'Meh'

In his latest restaurant review, Sam Sifton wrote: "Aureole, as the New York expression goes, is meh." Which is funny, but also not true! The term "meh" may be used in New York City, but it is, foremost, an internet neologism, the blunt hammer of internet f-cktards, the second cousin of "FAIL." A correction may [...]

William Safire and the Kitchen Debates: The Model Kitchen at the American National Exhibit in Moscow, 1959

Kitchen debates. Photograph by William Safire. Via
William Safire, columnist for The New York Times, died yesterday at the age of 79. Safire was famous for much: his conservative voice on the otherwise heavily liberal op-ed page, his On Language series on grammar and vocabulary, and his involvement (Safire would say orchestration, as per an [...]

The Eat Me Daily Fall 2009 Non-Cookbook Preview

While fall truly belongs to the cookbooks, there's still a large selection on deck for the food lovers who are less than kitchen inclined. Along with anthologies from The New York Times (Eat, Memory) and The New Yorker (Secret Ingredients) finally arriving in paperback form, there are numerous reissues of old greats, doorstopper tomes perfect [...]

Sheila Lukins, Cookbook Author, Dead at 66

Cookbook author Sheila Lukins died yesterday at the age of 66 from brain cancer at her home in Manhattan. She was a New York food institution and an arbiter of food trends in the 80s and early 90s, and she deserved a much better obituary than the one she received from Julia Moskin at the [...]

Today in Contradictory Dieting Advice

The New York Times profiles Padma Lakshmi in "Staying Fit When Eating Is Your Job": "She always keeps a jump rope in her suitcase in case she finds herself with free time... When the show is not in production, she regularly boxes, walks stairs and does upper body work as part of a daily [...]

Possible Disguises for Sam Sifton, New York Times Restaurant Critic

To maintain anonymity as the upcoming New York Times restaurant critic, here are some disguises Sam Sifton should consider.
Clockwise, from top left: Gael Greene, Kanye West, Donald Trump, Groucho Marx, Adam West-era Batman, and the Unabomber.
—Raphael Brion

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