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Mark Bittman Is Possibly Trying to Kill You (or Give You Botulism)

On Saturday, the New York Times removed a recipe for infused oils by Mark Bittman from its website because the instructions posed a potential Botulism risk. The recipe was quietly pulled after The NYTPicker contacted Bittman and dining section editor Pete Wells regarding the lack of food safety warnings.
Apparently, you're supposed to simmer the oil [...]

Comment on the Comments on the NYT Diner's Journal Blog

This weekend on the Diner's Journal blog, Frank Bruni blogged about the Obamas dining at Blue Hill, saying that their choice of restaurant showed "taste" and "affirms their interest in participating in the current conversation and in the cultural moment."
But he couldn't help himself, taking a potshot at GWB (joking that he and Laura would [...]

New York Times Summer Cookbook Roundup

Summer is upon us, which can mean several things, depending on where you live: it can mean that your house is too ridiculously hot to even contemplate cooking anything; it can mean that local produce is finally starting pop up all over the place; it most likely means that a good deal of charcoal will [...]

Big Deals: Cooking for Gracie and The New Brooklyn Cookbook

New York Times editor Keith Dixon has landed a book deal at Crown based on his series of articles that "recounts a year in the life of a new parent learning to cook for three." The book will be called Cooking for Gracie, and we're been promised that it will be "charming and humorous."
Also on [...]

Mystery Meat at the New York Times Cafeteria

A revolt by journalists is imminent when cutbacks at the New York Times lead to mystery luncheon meat at the cafeteria. Pete Wells, the Dining Editor, twitters:
Cafeteria update: Eating what I thought was turkey, but starting to wonder if it's pork. Should it be this hard to tell?

Mark Bittman, 'Locavore,' Cooks Endangered Fish

Mark Bittman, author of The Minimalist column of the New York Times, recently posted a seemingly innocuous recipe for "Red Snapper with Citrus Salsa." Problem is, red snapper is one of the most over-harvested and thus endangered fish in the world. Tom Philpott, food editor for Grist, called him out on his lack of responsibility, [...]

Stephen Colbert on the New York Times Dining Section's 'Blatant Anti-American Bias' [video]

In this video from last night's The Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert expresses concern about the "irresponsible journalism" of the New York Times, as evidenced by the "blatant anti-American bias in their food section" because of their recent bahn mi cover story.

The New York Times Fears Underground Soda Sales

Bootleggers, circa 1920. Photo from Michigan History Magazine.
The New York Times warns about the potential for illicit, underground bootleg sales of soda in a story about New York City's health commissioner Dr. Thomas R. Frieden advocating for a soda tax.
Frieden is running off his experience with taxing cigarettes, and even the Times recognizes that it [...]

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