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LIGHTNING ROUND Answers from John Hodgman

Today, John Hodgman attempted "to answer as many remaining questions as possible between 9AM and 11AM" in a final and energetic LIGHTNING ROUND. Herein we post reproduce some food-related questions and answers regarding Shopsin's, Shake Shack, and his cooking capabilities (avoiding of course the hobo and owl questions):
Question: Which of Shopsin’s three last locations (including [...]

John Hodgman on New York City Grocery Stores

John Hodgman took questions from New York Times readers, and his answers have started to appear, including this brilliant analysis of New York City grocery stores:
Question: In my time in New York, I’ve noticed native New Yorkers say “on line” instead of “in line.” As in, I’m at the grocery store waiting “on line.” Do [...]

Questions for John Hodgman from New York Times Readers

The New York Times' City Room blog invited readers to ask John Hodgman questions about "life as an author, famous minor television personality and a man who wears glasses in New York," particularly "in the areas of his expertise (for example, Brooklyn inventions, the names of mole-men and how to cook an owl, among other [...]

Marian Burros, Without Attribution, Labels Alice Waters the 'Mother of Modern American Cooking'

Marian Burros

We're big fans of Regina Schrambling's Gastropoda, even though her posts sometimes require decoding and further investigation. Yesterday, she dropped this doozy, about New York Times author Marian Burros labeling Alice Waters as "the mother of American cooking":
When it comes to well-varnished stupidity, it would be hard to top the latest description of Alice [...]

All The Cool Kids Are Making Christmas Goose

Photograph by dalvenjah
Tom Mylan of Marlow & Sons (actually, I guess I'll now have to call him 'Tom Mylan of Marlow & Daughters') wonders about the current obsession with the Christmas foul du jour:
It seems like every dumbass in the world is all of a sudden really hot to cook a goose. Why now people? [...]

Kangaroo Meat Art [food art]

The New York Times Magazine ran their annual meme roundup this weekend (the Year in Ideas issue, ho hum) and we were particularly taken with the kangaroo-shaped meat art that goes along with the story on eating kangaroos to fight global warming.

Illustrations of Ridiculous Food Patents by the New York Times Magazine

The New York Times Magazine Endpaper had Andrew Rae illustrate some of 2008's patents and imagined what they might look like. Here are the food ones!
19 Book with taste or smell elements for interacting with an animal (7,357,421)
24 Bread-impaling cooking utensil for meat insertion (7,339,136)
25 Butter straw (D567,004)
26 Device for gripping, penetrating and separating an [...]

Coffee Illustrations by Christoph Niemann

Christoph Niemann drew a bunch of illustrations on napkins about his relationship with coffee for the New York Times. The one above had this caption:
I like coffee so much that I have tea for breakfast: The first cup of the day in particular is so good that I’m afraid I won’t be able to properly [...]

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