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Nick Fox, in his In This Week’s Dining Section post, says:
Julia Moskin... also sampled such down-to-earth literature as Kenny Shopsin’s “Eat Me.” (Can we say that in The New York Times?)
How naughty!

Frank Bruni on Boy George

He says: "In the interest of full disclosure, I should confess that I like [Karma Chameleon]. In fact, I’m a fan of that entire “Colour by Numbers” Culture Club album (or disc or whatever the right term to be used today is). So while the volume with which “Karma Chameleon” was played may well be [...]

An Evaluation of Eater's BruniBetting [charts]

The New York Times' Frank Bruni is a tough nut to crack. He often writes restaurant reviews that read like two- or even three-star reviews, but awards only one star. Or, conversely, he writes a somewhat harsh review but awards two stars. This nebulous, contradictory nature of the reviews makes it difficult to anticipate how [...]

Green in the Extreme: Energy Anorexics

The New York Times profiles "energy anorexics,” people who obsess over their personal carbon emissions to an unhealthy degree: "To some mental health professionals, the compulsion to live green in the extreme can suggest a kind of disorder."
One profile is of Sharon Astyk, of Knox, N.Y., who won't let her son play little league baseball [...]

Muffin Poking Technique

My favorite breakfast spot in New York is a little coffee shop on Eighth Avenue between 13th and 14th Streets. It has a lemon poppy muffin that is absolutely divine when fresh — and tastes like drywall when not. The easiest way to test for freshness, of course, is to poke the crust, which would [...]

It'll Never Catch On

The New York Times runs a story on how newspapers are going to try out this whole "linking" thing:
Jeff Jarvis, a prominent blogger who directs the Graduate School of Journalism’s new-media program at the City University of New York, has said that the culture of linking was creating a “new architecture of news.”


Matt Gross, in his "Frugal New York" piece for The New York Times, abandons his wife, six-months pregnant, in the Lower East Side, at midnight on a Saturday night, to go out drinking.

$1000/month Toner Habit

Kenny Shopsin, in a piece in The New York Times: "I spent almost $3,000 on toner in the last three months."

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